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Skybridge delivers high volume field installation and maintenance programs on behalf of corporate and government clients. We work closely with clients to understand their objectives and design programs that meet these objectives. Our program solutions comprise of the following components:

Skybridge has engaged 3000+ Contractors to deliver a range of technical field services, located throughout urban, regional and remote Australia. We constantly source additional Contractors to ensure our clients continue to be serviced in each area they operate.

All Contractors who work for Skybridge undertake web-based and face-to-face training at either our purpose-built training facility in Tullamarine, Victoria, or in designated regional centres around Australia. Our training programs incorporate safety, quality, customer service as well as technical aspects of our field projects. Skybridge’s compliance management program ensures that all Contractors remain up to date with legislative and program compliance requirements throughout the life of each program we deliver.

Skybridge’s proprietary software system, SIMON (Skybridge Information Management Online Network) tracks over 15,000 jobs per month from initial receipt of work order through to job fulfillment and post-installation follow up activities. All activities related to each work order are monitored to ensure they are completed within their required timeframe, and escalated to program managers if any aspect of work is at risk.

Skybridge’s dedicated customer care staff are responsible for scheduling appointments for each work order we receive. Program-specific scripts are developed to ensure that all necessary information is captured to deliver a successful installation to the customer. Staff receive training to service customer demographics with specific needs such as elderly and non-English speakers.

We also offer an easy to use, step-by-step online booking confirmation system for customers. Through our client portal, clients have access to real-time job booking status and history of customer correspondence for each work order we fulfill.

Skybridge offers on-site and desktop survey services. Utilising our proprietary mobile application, Skypad, survey data is collected accurately and transmitted to our design team in real time, enabling rapid completion of installation design by our team of expert technical designers.

Skybridge ships stock of consignments every week across metropolitan, regional and rural Australia to service the needs of our programs. All serialised stock is tracked by serial number, and each stock repository is monitored to ensure it has sufficient supply to meet the forecast needs of each program. Skybridge offers two stock models for our clients, being either for Skybridge to provide stock or our clients supply on consignment. In both cases, SIMON provides visibility of stock levels at each location to assist with planning.

All on-site work completed by our Contractors is performed according to work instructions developed by Skybridge in consultation with our clients, utilising approved equipment that meets Australian Standards. 100% of completed work orders undergo desktop quality assurance. Additionally, we have a team of field-based quality assurance officers responsible for ensuring that completed field activities meet required workmanship and material standards.

Contractors experiencing on-site issues call upon our dedicated in-house technical support department for trouble-shooting. Comprising of experienced field technicians, tech support’s role is to provide immediate assistance to Contractors to ensure that each work order is successfully completed at its designated time.

Skybridge eliminated manual paperwork long ago. All on-site activities are documented through our mobile “app”, Skypad, to ensure accuracy and completeness of job fulfillment records, as well as providing instantaneous status updates to our clients.

Skybridge delivers civil and construction services on behalf of Australia’s biggest telecommunications providers. Skybridge’s network of specialist Contractors, combined with our project management and scheduling expertise provides a unique offering for clients seeking high volume construction services requiring diligent coordination.

For customers experiencing issues once the installation is complete, we offer aftercare service. Your customers can call our customer care team to speak to operators specifically trained in troubleshooting your technology. Additionally, we provide on-site service assurance services for customers experiencing issues that cannot be resolved over the telephone.

Through the SIMON client portal, we provide up-to-the-minute reporting for our clients that is customised to reflect the perfomance of your field project with respect to its required outcomes. Additionally, customised reporting can be provided at short notice through SIMON’s data warehouse.