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Skybridge delivers energy-saving devices to homes and businesses on behalf of the energy industry. Our field delivery solution is utilised by technology companies and energy retailers to promote customer retention and rapid volume expansion.

What we do

Our delivery solution is tailored to a client’s requirements and can include customer scheduling, logistics management, grid approval, site surveys, installation services and system commissioning. Our scheduling model allows our clients to increase and reduce volumes as required

Solar PV SystemsOur network of CEC-accredited electrical Contractors undertake rigorous training to deliver quality solar PV installation services
Currently all direct to consumer services are installed under our brand ‘SkyGreen’. For further information about SkyGreen, click here

Battery SystemsSkybridge is working closely with battery manufacturers and retailers to install high volume battery rollouts to handle surging storage demand

Energy EfficiencyWe delivery energy efficiency solutions (including power monitoring) for residential and commercial premises

Asset ManagementLet Skybridge take over the management of your portfolio and ensure maximum uptime, performance and return on investment for all your systems, existing and new

Case Study:  Solar installation program

  • Reengineered customer experience on behalf of large Australian energy retailer
  • Improved Net Promoter Score from -28 to +30 within 2 months of engagement
  • Reduced delivery time to 12 days
  • Capacity to manage variable seasonal demand
  • Also delivering battery storage installation program

Case study: National Battery Rollout Program

  • Contracted to deliver battery installation services on behalf of prominent battery manufacturer/retailer
  • End to end service delivery program including customer care, grid approval, installation, commissioning and aftercare
  • Established network of battery installation specialists to deliver program