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Australia’s wireline telecommunications network is growing and becoming more sophisticated. We can deliver a full turnkey solution across all wireline technologies (fibre optic, HFC and copper) covering land access, survey, design, civil construction, cabling, network augmentation, provisioning and maintenance services.

What we do

We are a national contractor that manages and delivers high volume ‘ticket of work’ projects as well as large design and construction projects covering both multi dwelling complexes and single dwelling units.

LIFDSkybridge utilises sophisticated algorithms to accurately generate LIFD notifications and manage non-standard LIFD constraints

SurveySurveys are performed using customised app workflow to ensure comprehensive data capture

DesignSkybridge utilises HFC and fibre design specialist
employees and Contractors to deliver optimised design and quote services

ConstructionCapabilities include civil and aerial cable runs, device installations and internal cabling requiring aesthetic considerations

Case Study: Survey, Design, Build of FTTP for Multi Dwelling Units

  • 3,000+ End User Premise services connected per month
  • Service expansion into three regions, VIC, NSW and NT

Case Study: Construction of Lead In Connections

  • Delivery partnership with Distribution Network Service Provider
  • 2,500+ End User Premises connected per month
  • Delivery of services both in both metro and regional South Australia

Case Study: HFC Survey and Design

  • 8,000+ End user Premise survey and design per month
  • Service expansion into four regions: VIC, NSW, QLD & SA
  • Largest provider of Survey and Design services for HFC program (MDUs)