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Case Studies

For two decades, Skybridge has been the industry’s innovator and has successfully delivered almost 1,000,000 field services across multiple industries in Australia. Below we provide a selection of recent program case studies.

Case study: Survey, Design, Build of FTTP for Multi-Dwelling Units

  • 3,000+ End User Premise services connected per month
  • Service expansion into three regions, VIC, NSW and NT

Case study: HFC Survey and Design

  • 8,000+ End user Premise survey and design per month
  • Service expansion into four regions: VIC, NSW, QLD & SA
  • Largest provider of Survey and Design services for HFC program (MDUs)

Case study: Construction of Lead In Connections

  • Delivery partnership with distribution network service provider
  • 2,500+ End User Premises connected per month
  • Delivery of services both in both metro and regional South Australia

Case study: nbn – Long Term Satellite Service

  • National program covering 100% of regional, rural and remote Australia (including off-shore islands)
  • Unique scheduling model to accommodate nature of remote work and tight service levels
  • Installation and maintenance services
  • Multiple technologies delivered
  • Awarded additional 45% of workshare over engagement

Case study: Digital Switchover Program

  • Over 150,000 customers serviced across 11 separate contracts on behalf of Commonwealth Government
  • Delivery areas included very remote indigenous communities with complex logistical issues
  • Delivered successful outcomes for our client

Case study: Solar installation program

  • Reengineered customer experience on behalf of Australian energy retailer
  • Improved Net Promoter Score from -28 to +30 within 2 months of engagement
  • Reduced delivery time to 12 days
  • Capacity to manage variable seasonal demand
  • Also delivering battery storage installation program

Case study: National Battery Rollout Program

  • Contracted to deliver battery installation services on behalf of prominent battery manufacturer/retailer
  • End to end service delivery program including customer care, grid approval, installation, commissioning and aftercare
  • Established network of battery installation specialists to deliver program

Case study: Medical Alarm Subsidy Scheme

  • Delivering program on behalf of 15 service providers
  • Volumes exceed 6000 installations per month
  • Intensely scrutinised program due to life-critical nature of service
  • Achieved highest score for Business Process Excellence across any nbn program
  • 98% Customer satisfaction rating

Case study: Vehicle Telematics Installation program

  • Established national network of vehicle accessory installers to support program
  • Worked closely with fleet customers to schedule installations within vehicle down-time
  • Supported highly configurable installation options